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When Commerce Is The Star:
A Maxed Out Capacity Of London Exhibitors As The Industry Recognizes The Value Of Going Beyond The Norm

We have been emphasizing the educational element of The London Produce Show and Conference by running pieces such as this:

Bruce Peterson, Founder Of Wal-Mart Produce Program, Will Urge Industry To Rage Against Mediocrity, Value Experience Over Education, And Merchandise To Wow The Consumer At The London Produce Show And Conference

Will Reducing Food Waste Be Sufficient Reason To Embrace GMO Produce? Cornell Professor Brad Rickard To Guide A Controversial Session At The London Produce Show And Conference 

The Renaissance Of The Wholesale Sector — Why Those Who Support ‘Locally Grown’ Should Support Investment In Market Intermediaries. Cornell University Professor Miguel Gómez Reveals Research Findings At The London Produce Show And Conference

Branding And In-Store Marketing: Perfect Together… St. Joseph’s Superstar Professor John Stanton To Present At London Produce Show And Conference

On The Cutting Edge: FreshDirect’s Tenley Allen To Showcase How Social Media, Partnerships And Social Programming Can Win Over The Millennials And More At The London Produce Show And Conference

And there is great excitement over the Opening Cocktail Reception, which is the single largest social/networking event for the produce industry held in the UK each year.

Of course, there is a trade show at the very heart of the event: An opportunity for learning, for commerce, for idea exchange. We have a unique format where buyers and exhibitors have time to engage deeply with one another.

We will make the case that our exhibitors are special and unique in a way that adds special value to their presence. It is easy to sign up for the big shows, but our exhibitors are free-thinkers, and that capacity to seize on a new trade event, to be willing to step out of the box… these are habits of thought and being willing to think this way makes them especially valuable vendor/partners, because they will find new and innovative ways to help their customers.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen… the Exhibitors of The London Produce Show 2015: 

AC Goatham & Son — UK
Affinitus Group Ltd — UK
AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd — UK
Agrimessina — Italy
Agromarvela — Dominican Republic
APAC PNT — Guatemala
Argentine Embassy London — Argentina
Arvila LLC — USA
Ashanti Jamaica — Jamaica
Asociacion Mexicana de Horticultura Protegida — Mexico
Avondale Foods — Northern Ireland
BanaBay Limited — UK
Berry World Ltd — UK
Berry World Plus Ltd — UK
California Agriculture Export Council — USA
California Table Grape Commission — USA
Capespan Group Limited Africa— South Africa
Caribbean Greenhouse — Dominican Republic
Citrus First — UK
Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing
Countries  — The Netherlands
Centro de Exportacion e Inversion — Dominican Republic
CH Robinson Europe B.V. — The Netherlands
Chef Media Ltd — UK
CHG Intertrading — UK
Chiquita — UK
Community Shop — UK
Compañía Argentina de Frutas — Argentina
Covent Garden Market Authority — UK
CUASA — Guatemala
De Jong Verpakking B.V. — The Netherlands
DG Fruit UK Ltd — UK
Didonna Trade S.R.L. — Italy
Dole South Africa — South Africa
Dominican Republic Embassy — Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Tourist Board — Dominican Republic
Dupont Teijin Films UK Ltd — UK
El Ciruelo S.L. — Spain
English Apples and Pears Ltd — UK
EuroFresh Distribution — France
Florida Department of Agriculture — USA
Fresca Group — UK
Fresh Produce Consortium — UK — The Netherlands
Freshtime UK Limited — UK
Fruit Attractions (IFEMA) — Spain
Frutas Borja — Spain
Fruto Del Campo — The Netherlands
Gilfresh Produce — Northern Ireland
Giuliano S.R.L. — Italy
Glen’s of Antrim Potatoes — Northern Ireland
Green Marketing International — South Africa
Grupo Banamiel — Dominican Republic
G’s Fresh — UK
Help A South African School — South Africa
Interko — The Netherlands
Ixin Quesal — Guatemala
JAD — Dominican Republic
JBT Corporation — USA
Jupiter Marketing Ltd — UK
Kanzi Apple — Belgium
Latin Food & Frozen — Guatemala
Mack  — UK
Mack Wholesale — UK
Marco Limited — UK
MOR International — Israel
Moyca — Spain
New Spitalfields Market Tenants Association — UK
New York Produce Show and Conference — USA
North Bay Argentina — Argentina
North Carolina Department of Agriculture — USA
North West Cherries USA — UK
Northern Ireland Naturally — Northern Ireland
Orchard World — Ltd — UK
Peru Trade & Investment Office — Peru
Peviani SPA — Italy
Pico Modern Agriculture Company — Egypt
Plant Tape — Spain
Plastico UK Ltd — UK
Poupart Citrus — UK
Poupart Imports — UK
Poupart Ltd — UK
PrepWorld — UK
Pro Ecuador – Institute for Export and 
      Investment Promotion — Ecuador
Promega UK Flavor Mex — Mexico
Prophet — UK
Prosap / Proargex — Argentina
Pyflor — Honduras
R.O.P. Ltd — Israel
Red Communications — UK
Reliable Fruits Guatemala — Guatemala
Reynolds — UK
Richard Hochfeld ltd — UK
Robinson Fresh — The Netherlands
SeeAbility — UK
Sensitech EMEA B.V. — The Netherlands
Side Salads / G’s Blue — UK
Simply Sundried — South Africa
South Carolina Department of Agriculture — USA
Southern Produce Distributors — USA
Squeeze Wheatgrass — Northern Ireland
Stubbins Food Partners — UK
Suiderland Plase / New Vision Fruit Joint Venture — UK
Sun World International — USA
SWG Dominicana SRL — Dominican Republic
Tali Grapes — Israel
Tany Nature SA — Spain
Thanet Earth — UK
TopControl GmbH — Italy
Triple J Produce — USA
Tropicalfruit Export S.A. — Ecuador
Tropifruit — UK
U.S. Apple Export Council — USA
Unimush Ireland — Northern Ireland
US Department of Agriculture — USA
USA Food & Produce Worldwide Inc. — USA
Vale da Rosa — Portugal
Van der Windt Packaging — UK
VEDEX — Guatemala
Vega Produce — USA
Vital Berry — The Netherlands
Wayne Bailey — USA
Westlands Nurseries  — UK
Willowbrook Foods — Northern Ireland
Wilson’s Country Ltd — Northern Ireland
Wine Trust / Red Communications — UK

This year we are at full capacity as we were last year, but the year’s experience has produced shuffling, and the exhibitors are more “right” for the attendee mix. Events are, in some unusual way, living and breathing organisms, and the exhibitors and attendees sort of dance around one another until the mix is just right.

Well, this year, the experience of attending The London Produce Show and Conference has evolved, and the experience will be a profound one.

You can learn more about the event right here

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