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London Produce Show And Conference About To  Commence
Brings Together Industry in Dialog
Highlight On Key Trends And Topics

Here at the Pundit, we’ve highlighted some of the key presentations to be given at The London Produce Show and Conference. Here are some of the key issues being discussed:

Will Amazon Outgrow Tesco And Carrefour?
Dr. Roberta Cook Will Present Comprehensive Data And Analyze Worldwide Retail And Produce Trends
All At The London Produce Show And Conference

On The Cutting Edge: FreshDirect’s Tenley Allen To Showcase How Social Media, Partnerships And Social Programming Can Win Over The Millennials And More At The London Produce Show And Conference

Branding And In-Store Marketing: Perfect Together… St. Joseph’s Superstar Professor John Stanton To Present At London Produce Show And Conference 

The Renaissance Of The Wholesale Sector — Why Those Who Support ‘Locally Grown’ Should Support Investment In Market Intermediaries. Cornell University Professor Miguel Gómez Reveals Research Findings At The London Produce Show And Conference

Will Reducing Food Waste Be Sufficient Reason To Embrace GMO Produce? Cornell Professor Brad Rickard To Guide A Controversial Session At The London Produce Show And Conference 

Bruce Peterson, Founder Of Wal-Mart Produce Program, Will Urge Industry To Rage Against Mediocrity, Value Experience Over Education, And Merchandise To Wow The Consumer At The London Produce Show And Conference,

While over at PRODUCE BUSINESS UK, the conversation around the show is percolating:

Three supply nations for buyers to watch: Ethiopia, Vietnam and Uruguay

Summary: After significant horticultural growth in the last decade, John Giles at Promar International claims UK buyers should consider the trio as they are only going to get better.


Jackson pinpoints areas where retailers can make a real difference

Summary: Food industry expert Jeff Jackson says understanding consumers remains key to achieving long-term retail goals.


Kantar Worldpanel warns of lost sales value for UK fresh produce

Summary: The retail analyst’s consumer insight director Chris Cowan advises that while UK shoppers are benefiting from lower prices, the true reality of deflation is a different story for the fresh produce business.


Graham Garrett – the David Bowie of restaurants

Summary: Regular communication with his suppliers and experience of the restaurant scenes in London and other cutting-edge food destinations like New York and Spain are keeping the chef on his culinary toes

Come join us at The Grosvenor House on Park Lane in Mayfair to add value to these discussions and so much more.

You can find out about the show at the website.



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