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Yes, Disney Garden’s Apple Slices
Were At Disney!

One thing we can report is that the Disney Garden brand apple slices were for sale at the Farmer’s Market in Toontown.

This contrasted our reports here and here in which, on a previous visit, we caught Disney filling some shorts with local supplies.

The Pundit family would like to thank the folks at Crunch-Pak who produce the slices, as well as our friends at Imagination Farms, as the sliced apple packs sustained the Pundit family during our visit.

We found the perfect light snack and hope that Disney will make them more widely available throughout the Park. After all, it is not only the pre-school set that ought to eat healthy. Every coffee cart in the theme park has to have a refrigeration facility for milk to make the lattes and cappuccinos — why can’t every one of these offer the apple slices along with the Danish and muffins and other fattening stuff?

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