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Winning With Bread

Hurry, get your application right here. The deadline is August 31, 2006.

What are you signing up for?

The Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie is an international artisan bread baking competition held every three years in Paris, France. Organized in 1992 by Christian Vabret, president of the Ecole Française de Boulangerie d’Aurillac, the Coupe du Monde is the world’s only competition where bakers who practice the craft of artisan baking can compete against the many old-world traditions of the various countries involved. The purpose of the competition is to gather artisan bakers from around the world to celebrate their profession, share knowledge of artisan baking techniques, and reinstate the value and restore the image of the artisan baking profession.

The Bread Bakers Guild of America sends a team and its mission:

  • To foster goodwill and promote education in the field of artisan baking throughout the world.
  • To demonstrate to the world that American professionals have evolved to a high degree of baking ability and have established a tradition based on ethnic diversification while remaining uniquely “American.”
  • To instill pride and to provide leadership and education to artisan bakers and bread lovers all over America.

And they seem to have succeeded since, despite the assumption that Europe has the advantage on artisanal product, the US has won!

What a terrific thing for a supermarket bakery to support its associates who want to try to make this team. What great publicity for it to be announced that an associate in your bakery department is at this level.

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