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Well, the banners are flying across the world famous Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, signaling to all the world that the produce industry is about to arrive in force in NYC!

If you missed the event last year here is a little video clip to give you a flavor for what this event is about:

The event is still young, and already the plans are afoot to make it even better in 2012. For now we thought we would devote this issue to some of the highlights of the event that we have not yet mentioned.

Walk, take a bike, ride a bus, grab a train, find a flight… but  find your way to The New York Produce Show and Conference.

It builds on a long tradition. The Pundit’s great-grandfather, Jacob Prevor, wholesaled out of the old Wallabout Market in Brooklyn, New York, the Pundit’s grandfather, Harry Prevor, was a wholesaler and auction buyer in the old Washington Street market, the Pundit Poppa, was an importer, exporter and wholesaler and an original tenant on the Hunts Point market.

Now the premier association in the region, the Eastern Produce Council, and PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine have joined hands to make the capital of the world a capitol place for the produce industry to network, learn and spend a few days.

Take a look at some of the events we profile in this edition and look at the pieces we’ve highlighted previously.

Then sign up for your registration right here.

Hotels can be gotten here.

Travel discounts right here.

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