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Roadmap To Riding Culinary Trends

From Brazilian churrasco and Argentinean asado to Southeast Asian satay and American wood-plank grilling, globally-inspired open fire cooking is emerging as one of the hottest trends reshaping the palate of America.

Retailers are way behind foodservice in playing to these kinds of trends. When I wrote up the store tour I did at a couple of Wal-Mart Supercenters, I decried the lack of effective selling strategies to convince people to try foods they hadn’t intended to buy.

Being on top of these kinds of culinary trends gives a real clue as to how to promote. In other words, knowing this type of thing tells you that, instead of just leaving the bell peppers sitting out there relying on them to sell themselves, you should be promoting roasting bell peppers over an open flame.

You don’t just put the fish or the chicken or the pork or the beef out there; you tie it in with the idea. Or, put another way, you provide a solution to the consumers’ desire to ride these culinary trends.

If you’ve got a spare three grand, you can buy the report here. You know what else is useful? Take someone special to dinner and make sure you don’tselect a restaurant you are comfortable with. Try something that is new and hot and different.

A lot of marketing is aspirational. It is not about who people are but who they want to be or who they want to be like.

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