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Snack Insights

Having broadened their view of snacks beyond such items as chips, cookies, and crackers, consumers today are more likely to consider any small portion of food as a potential snacking candidate. Retailers, however, have not caught up to this new consumer thinking (while only 20% of consumers today define snacks traditionally, 40% of retailers still do so). This perceptual gap separating retailers and their customers is alarming — an indication that, as a group, retailers do not fully recognize their competition within the snack market.

The report didn’t survey producers, but I am not sure they are any more enlightened. This kind of stuff is crucial because, whether a producer or a retailer, you don’t want to be put in the position of just trying to sell “stuff” for some unidentified purpose.

You want to be able to direct your marketing so that each product can meet specific consumer needs, as for snacks. Get more information right here.

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