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Resource Guide On Food Safety

With the House of Representatives hearings going hot and heavy this week, we have been getting a lot of calls looking for resources. We wanted to remind readers that we maintain a variety of “Hot Topics” buttons to allow you to review and update yourself on many subjects.

For example, related to food safety, on the left side of this page you will find buttons related to this Samonella Saintpaul outbreak as well as one dedicated to the recent FDA Import Alert on a producer of Honduran Cantaloupe. You can also get background from our Hot Topic button on the 2006 Spinach crisis and the Buyer-Led Food Safety Initiative that grew out of that crisis.

We also have an interesting series of interviews with foodservice operators analyzing the concept of an aligned supply chain. Buttons on Botulism and Carrot Juice, the National Restaurant Association’s Efforts and an initiative by the Food Safety Leadership Council round out these offerings.

We would also highlight four articles that have been seminal in analyzing this Saintpaul Salmonella crisis:

The first is from a distinguished epidemiologist who spoke out early against the incompetence of the investigation:

Dr. Michael Osterholm, Esteemed Authority On Public Health, Speaks Frankly About The FDA, The CDC And The Incompetent Management of the Salmonella Saintpaul Tomato Outbreak Investigation

The second is from a PhD at UC Davis, who said early on that the problem was going to be epidemiology, not traceback:

Tomato/Salmonella Situation Cries For Improved Epidemiology

Third was actually written in relation to the Honduras cantaloupe situation, but illustrates the FDA’s essentially lawless behavior:

Fix Suggested For FDA’s Vigilante System Of Banning Product Through Import Alerts

The fourth and final piece is with an eminent legal scholar who deals with the difficulties of getting compensation:

With FDA/CDC Protected By Sovereign Immunity, Compensation For Losses Looks Bleak Says Professor Richard Epstein

If you are looking for information we have not yet provided, let us know and we will certainly try to help.

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