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Pundit’s Mailbag —
Ugly Or Ugli? That Is The Question

Our piece proclaiming UglyRipe Tomatoes Now Available Year-Round led one of our Jamaica-based readers to remind us that the UglyRipe isn’t the only produce item whose name trades off its appearance:

Thanks for your Perishable Pundit. I enjoy reading it. Since I see you are going to Fruit Logistica,

I shall try to visit you in Berlin!

Did you know “UGLI” tangelos are now available throughout the US?

— Gordon K.G. Sharp
Trout Hall Ltd.
Jamaica, West Indies

Indeed they are, with Fresh King being the exclusive U.S. importer. They are better established in Europe with agents located in the United Kingdom, France and Holland.

What is an Ugli brand tangelo? Here is how they explain it:

UGLI i the registered trade mark under which Cabel Hall Citrus Ltd. markets its brand of tangelos from Jamaica.

This tangelo is a variety of citrus fruit grown exclusively in Jamaica and exported by Trout Hall Ltd. to markets all over the world. It was discovered growing wild in Jamaica over 80 years ago and has been developed by the family of the owners of Trout Hall Ltd. into the commercial variety now in production. The original tree is believed to have been a hybrid formed from the Seville orange, the grapefruit and the tangerine families. Since 1924 when it was first discovered several improved scions have been used by Trout Hall Ltd. to produce the current variety which is so popular.

When buying the UGLI® brand of tangelos do not be misled by their appearance, you will love their sweet and tangy flavour.

“The Affliction is only Skin Deep so the Beauty is in the Eating”™

UGLI® are easily peeled and may be eaten like a tangerine, or cut in half and eaten like a grapefruit. The pegs and juice may be used to make many sumptuous sweet and savory recipes.

The fresh flavour of UGLI® is delicious in many recipes, adding a subtle tang to both sweet and savoury combinations. Being easy to peel, with generous sized segments, the fruit lends itself to many dishes. It is exceedingly juicy, and has a flavour that does not need added sugar unless you have a very sweet tooth. The simplest way to serve UGLI® is to cut them in half, loosen the segments, and eat with a spoon — this is a delicious breakfast dish. For lunch or dinner, try sprinkling with sherry or Kirsch, and serving as a first course, or offer UGLI® as a fruit course for dessert.

UGLI® are remarkably juicy, and squeeze easily for refreshing drinks. A glass of UGLI® juice makes a refreshing, flavourful change to fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit. The juice is delicious warmed as a hot toddy with rum, and sweetened with honey or brown sugar, or used to make ice creams and soufflés. Peel, slice away the pith and cut out the segments to use in a salad, as a cheesecake topping, or on its own as a dessert drizzled with sherry or Kirsch. The peel and juice together make marvelous marmalade.

You can learn more about it here

The agents are as follows:

U.S.A. and Canada
Sole Importer:
Fresh King Inc.,
30205 S.W. 217th Ave. Homestead
FL 33030, U.S.A.,
Tel: (305) 248-7700
Fax: (305) 248-7003

United Kingdom
Sole Importer:
Poupart Ltd.
Turnford Place
Great Cambridge Road
Turnford, Broxbourne
Hertfordshire EN10 6NH
Tel: 44-1992-443333, Fax: 44-1992-471125

Benelux, Germany, Scandinavian Countries, Austria, Italy and Eastern Europe
Sole Importer:
Total Produce BV
Marconistraat 19
3029 AE Rotterdam,
Tel: 31-10-244-5300
Fax: 31-10-244-5301

Sole Importer:
Georges Helfer S. A.
1 rue des Tropiques
entrepot 133 — 94538 Rungis Cedex
Tel: +33-1-45-123660
Fax: +33-1-45-60-48-52

Sole Shipper from Jamaica:
Trout Hall Ltd.
188 Spanish Town Road
Kingston 11
Tel: 1-876-923-5117/1-876-986-2870
Fax: 1-876-986-2726/1-876-923-5135

As we prepare to leave for Berlin, the European names bring a nostalgic feeling as the Pundit and his family were substantial exporters to Europe. The Georges Helfer name especially rings a bell. By the time the Pundit got involved, they worked exclusively with Seald Sweet on Florida citrus but we sold Helfer other items, including one disastrous season when all the avocados cut black.

Perhaps in Berlin the Pundit will get reacquainted with some of the people we once traded with in Europe.

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