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Pundit’s Mailbag —
Giving Produce For The Holidays

Our piece, Pundit’s Mailbag — Gifts From The Heart, chronicled the heart-warming story of the first annual Fresh Express Chickens-4-Charity Challenge. In many ways, the highlight of the story was the many small donations gathered together by the plant workers to contribute to the cause.

The program was able to donate both money and frozen chicken to those in need. It was a terrific program but the letter that detailed the contribution didn’t mention anything about donating produce, so we were prompted to ask this question:

It is all so very nice but we confess to one question. Didn’t you send a few bags of salad along with the chicken?

Well we have received a brief follow-up letter so now we know:

Thanks for publishing our letter. To answer your question, yes Fresh Express donated some salad to Ag Against Hunger as well… two 53-foot trailers full during the Christmas week.

Next year we will send you photos with the faces of our wonderful people.

In the meantime, here is a shot of our coveted chicken trophy.

— Michael Johanson
Manager — Transportation, Logistics
Innovations, & Warehousing
ChiquitaFresh Express

KSBW, the NBC affiliate on the central coast of California, picked up the story (although inexplicably the chicken turned into turkey in their rendition), and we’ll look forward to those photos this coming Christmas and urge others who are going to do good works this year to pass on the word and a photo as well. Many people will probably need help this year.

And thanks to Fresh Express for donating as well. Actions such as these help give the whole industry a good name.

Many thanks to Michael Johanson for sharing the story with the industry.

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