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Pundit’s Mailbag — Worthy Cause

“Banana Jim” Still has often contributed to the Pundit; you can see some of his contributions here:

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This time he is sending along word of an organization that could use some help. A perfect example of giving for the holidays and, certainly, a worthy cause:

If you have a few minutes, please read A MESSAGE OF HOPE…FROM A WOUNDED WARRIOR’S WIFE, it’s astounding how much help some of these wonderful families need…

My work for them involves a number of things, but especially finding better ways to use Frequent Flyer airline miles donations to fly moms or spouses to be with their wounded soldier…

I know everyone is busy, but there are a group of people here in the States, who desperately need our help. They are losing houses left and right, and they are the parents of our young men who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms, and our ability to each do what we do every day.

This is it in a nutshell:

  • most households in the USA are 2-income;
  • when the son, or sometimes, daughter, of these households are wounded overseas, they are placed in a military or VA hospital, almost always far from the parents’ home;
  • amputees, and double-amputees, have very long recovery times, and are very troubled, often suicidal;
  • so one parent or the other, quits their job, to be with their child, in time of extreme need;
  • so household income goes down, and expense go up;
  • our government does nothing to help these families;
  • and a good number of them are losing their houses, or having their utilities cut off… they cannot manage to keep up;
  • because of advances in body armor and medicine, casualties which would have died in earlier wars, are living now;
  • there are 20,000+ of them;
  • there is an organization,, which helps these families as best it can, run by a wonderful lady named Peggy;
  • with our economy in its present state, there are more soldiers’ families in financial troubles, and less donations to help them get through it;
  • Peggy, herself, is understaffed and haunted by her failure to do more for them.

If you could take a few minutes, and surf around the site, I think you would be moved to tears. And if you are, join me and do what you can to help them, you have a much bigger following than I do….

— James D. “Banana Jim” Still
CVO of Global Cooling Inc.
dba’s Global Ripening, and also of Global Logic, Inc.

Jim has been using his logistics expertise to find ways to make Frequent Flyer donations go further for transporting this deserving group.

Few people need tax deductions this year, but many people could use a helping hand. It is easy to focus on what one has lost but it is a blessing to be able to focus on all one has. It worth remembering that we all have what we do because others have paid heavy prices. These wounded soldiers went in harm’s way on our behalf.

You can donate money here.

Or frequent Flyer Miles here

The Pundit is in for $500. Hope it makes a better New Year for a wounded veteran and his family.

Thanks to Banana Jim for passing on this worthy cause.

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