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Nominations Sought For The Joe Nucci Award For Product Innovation

The Jr. Pundits, Primo, aka William, age 12, and Segundo, aka Matthew, age 10, are big fans of Disney and Orlando is not so far from Pundit headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, so we are frequent visitors to Walt Disney World. We often try different hotels, but one place we have not stayed in eight years is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It is not that it is not nice. It is actually fantastic and we recommend it to everyone, but we just can’t go back, because eight years ago, the Pundit family was on vacation with Joe Nucci and his family, and we stayed there together. Joe was the CEO of Mann Packing and was in line to become chairman of the PMA.

Joe, just 40 years old, passed away that night, and the Pundit lost a friend and the industry lost someone unique. We told the story in a piece titled Saying Goodbye To Joe Nucci.

Joe was talented in many ways, and he was a friend not just to this Pundit but to this industry.

To provide a perpetual living memorial to Joe, we established The Joe Nucci Award for Product Innovation. The award is presented each year at a general session of The New York Produce Show and Conference. In the first year, presented in the presence of Joe’s three sisters, Lorri Koster, DeeDee Reyna and Gina Nucci (pictured left to right), the award was given to Curry & Company for the innovation shown in developing, producing and marketing Vidalia Sweet Carrots, which tied into both local and flavor intense trends.

Last year’s winner was Ocean Mist Farms for its ‘Season & Steam’ microwavable Brussels sprouts which tied in with trends for convenience and epicurean sophistication. 

Now we are soliciting nominations for this year’s award. Does your company have a product that represents the best in innovation that will lead to increased produce consumption? Do you know of a vendor or a customer that is on the forefront of such innovation?

If so, please submit a nomination right here.

If you would like to be at the General Session where the Joe Nucci Award for Product Innovation is being presented, please consider registering for The New York Produce Show and Conference here.

Hotel information is here.

Travel discounts can be obtained here.

And we still have a few booth and sponsorship opportunities available. If you want to participate in the event in that way, just ask for information right here

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