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NewStar’s Eldredge
Takes A Break

Notice comes that one of the industry luminaries has decided to take a break:

NewStar CEO Eldredge Plans a Hiatus

NewStar Fresh Foods®, the world’s largest shipper of iceless Green Onions and a recognized leader in packaged Spinach and Asparagus, has announced the planned departure of President and Chief Executive Officer David Eldredge, effective December 2007. Fellow NewStar partner Mark Drever has stepped in to assume the role of CEO of NewStar Fresh Foods. Dave continues to be an integral part of NewStar as an active member and partner in the company.

“After almost 30 years in the produce industry, it’s time to take a break, recharge my batteries, and return to the industry with renewed passion,” says Eldredge. “I am proud of the foundation we’ve built here at NewStar, and especially excited about the direction the company is taking in the future.”

“Dave has made a personal decision to take a hiatus from the produce industry for a bit,” acknowledges Drever.

“After decades of leadership and service to this industry, he felt it was time to step out and take a break from the day-to-day mix, but he continues to be an owner/investor in NewStar Fresh Foods and active member in the company.”

Eldredge has held the position of President/CEO of NewStar Fresh Foods since November of 2002. Since being elected President, he has put into operation a new state of the art Value Added processing facility, grown the company’s flag ship green onion and spinach business, and led the company to be a leading grower/shipper in the industry. Says Drever, “Dave’s hands-on leadership will be missed by all here at NewStar.

We wish Dave well and hope he comes back with renewed enthusiasm and passion for the trade. All of us need to recharge, and the industry can be richer when participants have had the leisure to think without the day-to-day pressure to act.

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