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Vangelos To
Head Up Sun World

Sun World has had its ups and downs over the past few years but now it has called on one of the industry’s most venerated executives to serve:


Bakersfield, California, USA — Sun World International, LLC (“Sun World” or the “Company”) announced that its Board of Managers has elected Manager, Allen Vangelos, to the additional positions of President and Chief Executive Officer on an interim basis.

Mr. Vangelos has been a Manager of the company since October 2006. Mr. Vangelos brings over 36 years of management experience to the Company, including his most recent role as Principal of Novelle Consulting, LLC, a leading consultant to the produce and packaged food industry and Chairman of BC Hothouse Foods, Inc.

Mr. Vangelos previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Calavo Growers of California for 11 years.

Mr. Vangelos has replaced Bruce Burton, the Company’s outgoing president and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Burton will remain with the Company as a Consultant until mid-August to assist in the transition.

Mr. Vangelos commented, “On behalf of the Board of Managers and entire management team, I would like to express our appreciation to Bruce for his efforts on behalf of Sun World. We wish him well in his future endeavors.” He added, “I am excited about Sun World’s prospects in 2008 and beyond, and look forward to working with the organization to build on recent achievements.”

Sun World International, LLC is a leading innovator in the research, production, distribution and promotion of fresh produce. Sun World maintains integrated agricultural operations throughout central and southeastern California.

Manager in this context means someone serving LLC in the equivalent position to a member of the board of directors of a corporation.

Al and his wife Mary danced at the Pundit’s wedding, and we have long admired his unique contributions to the trade. Although he has recently been working under the rubric of Novelle Consulting, we first got to see Al in action when he was Chairman of United back in 1991.

United was going through some difficult times and he provided a calming, yet progressive leadership. We have no doubt he will do the same for Sun World. We wish him and Sun World every good fortune.

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