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New Year Of
Challenges And Opportunities

Having returned from an extended family trip to Maui, we want to kick off the New Year by wishing all of our Pundit readers a happy, health and prosperous 2008.

We also want to welcome the Vidalia Onion Committee as our newest sponsor. Pomposity being an occupational hazard of punditry, we are pleased to have a laugh at ourselves with our new cartoon version. Watch the Pundit eat a Vidalia onion at the upper left corner of the page.

Many issues both old and new will challenge the industry in 2008, and general economic conditions are uncertain. Yet we are dedicated to more than perishables; here at the Pundit we are also dedicated to the proposition that in each challenge is an opportunity, and in thinking hard about our world we can find new and better ways to conduct ourselves and our businesses, ways that can lead to great success.

It is quite an honor to have so many great minds working with us every day to help move the industry to a better place. We appreciate everyone in the trade who works with us — both on and off the record — to build a better industry.

We look forward to getting there, together, in the year to come.

Happy New Year to all!

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