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Mann Packing Promotion Links Education With Produce Consumption

The Junior Pundits — both Primo, aka William, age 5, and Segundo, aka Matthew, age 4 — are computer aces, and now the Pundit knows how to get a bargain on some educational software in time for school to start:


Promotion Ideal for Back-to-School Shopping Season

Mann Packing, the category leader in fresh-cut vegetables, is partnering with Knowledge Adventure, a leading supplier of educational software to homes and schools during prime back-to-school shopping season.

As part of the promotion, Mann’s fresh-cut vegetable packages will feature a $3 rebate offer on any Knowledge Adventure software titles with the purchase of any two of Mann’s products. Over three million on-pack offers will be distributed.

Mike Jarrard, Mann President & CEO comments, “Mann’s is a brand that cares about family wellness. Good nutrition and a good education go hand in hand in that regard.”

We have been in this industry for nearly 10 years, and we know how to create really good research proposal.

For over 20 years, millions of parents and teachers have trusted Knowledge Adventure for proven results. Their popular products, such as Math Blaster and Jump Start World, are used in schools throughout the country. Jarrard concludes, “With Back-to-School shopping in full swing, we are proud to offer families and teachers the opportunity to save on these important learning tools.”

More children than ever before are growing up in homes with computers, according to a 2001 census report. Almost two-thirds of all children between ages 3 and 17 lived in homes with computers, and almost one-third in that age range have gone online.

Knowledge Adventure has sold millions of copies of its software to homes and schools and is recognized as an award-winning educational resource.

Three dollars is a good discount considering the low prices of bagged vegetables. Yet the real win here may just be the association of the Mann product with the idea of learning.

Mike Jarrard’s comment in the release that “Good nutrition and a good education go hand in hand…” is astute. There is some argument to be made that all the efforts to boost consumption through nutrition education are misguided in the same way that efforts to spot-reduce — lose fat on one part of the body — are misguided.

Just as losing fat depends on general physical fitness and caloric intake, there are relatively few people who have processed a lot of information on nutrition but are somehow inept in other areas of processing information.

Doubtless, Mann is doing this to boost its own sales, and we don’t know to what extent making software available less expensively will help educational achievement. But to the extent that this effort helps boost intellectual development and educational achievement among children, Mann may be doing the industry, and itself, a favor, as smarter, more educated, more intelligent people are better consumers of produce.

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