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Leadership From Six Continents:  A Capacity Crowd Of Charter Exhibitors Announced For The London  Produce Show And Conference

The other day in a piece, titled British And International ‘Thought Leaders’ Panel Announced For The London Produce Show And Conference, we unveiled the incredible diversity of intellects that would grace our Perishable Pundit “Thought Leader” panel, and for some time, we have been laying out the intellectual case for The London Produce Show and Conference, as in this piece titled REVOLUTIONS IN UK RETAILING Is Tiny Whole Foods Setting An Example For London Retailing? New Retail Dynamics To Be Discussed At The London Produce Show And Conference, and we have been highlighting speakers such as Bruce Peterson and Lisa Cork.

Yet the heart of the event is a trade show, and we are both honored and humbled to unveil our roster of Charter Exhibitors

It takes some guts for a marketing director to take a chance on a new event. Much as in days gone by they used to say that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, so no marketing executive ever got fired for sticking to the same old shows. But, of course, no marketing executive ever gained competitive edge for his organization by just doing what others do.

This show is different. The great continental-scale events are extraordinary, but there is a value in intimacy as well. Not having to have a calendar set in 10-minute increments… having a smaller scale that allows the luxury of in-depth conversation in search for mutual points of connection.

This floor is incredibly diverse — from specialized players such as the Fair Trade Pineapple Association of Thailand to giants such as Dole and Del Monte. But what it mostly has is leaders — the kinds of companies that want to be pushing the edge, that want to not be left behind.

We have worked with many firms and we find that this characteristic, this willingness to innovate, is the unique characteristic that leads these companies to adopt practices that enable their trade partners to advance. In other words, those companies that have embraced The London Produce Show and Conference are the kinds of companies that embrace innovation and, as such, everyone gets an edge who trades and associates with them.

A roll call please. Ladies and gentlemen, the capacity-busting roll call of the Charter Exhibitors of The London Produce Show and Conference:

AC Goatham & Son — UK
Agricultura del Cibao SRL — Dominican RepublicAgro-Organic Sun Foods — Dominican Republic
Agrocel Pure & Fair Fruits & Nuts Growers Association — India
Andes Fruit — Chile
Applied Data Corporation — USA
ASOCPNA – Nuevo Amanecer — Dominican Republic
Baltimore Innovations Ltd — UK
Berry Breeze — USA
BerryWorld Ltd — UK
BerryWorld Plus Ltd — UK
Bevington Salads — UK
C.H. Robinson Europe B.V. — The Netherlands
California Agricultural Export Council — USA
Campos Borquez — Mexico
Camposol S.A. — Peru
Capespan Farms — South Africa
Caribbean Labs Traders — Dominican Republic
Carita Jamaica Limited — Jamaica WI
Centro de Exportacion e Inversion — Dominican Republic
CHG Intertrading — UK
Chilean Blueberry Committee — Chile
Chilean Kiwifruit Committee — Chile
Citrus First — UK
Citrus Growers Association — South Africa
COMEX – Consorzio Mediterraneo Export Alimentari — Italy
Compania Frutera Santa Maria S.A. — Chile
Company Shop — UK
Costa — Australia
County Supplies London Ltd — UK
Del Monte (UK) Ltd — UK
DG Fruit UK Ltd — UK
Didonna Trade S.R.I. — Italy
Dole Chile S.A. — Chile
Dole South Africa — South Africa
Dominican Republic Embassy — UK
Don Limon GmbH — Germany
Ecocare Packaging — UK
El Ciruelo S.L. — Spain
English Apples and Pears Ltd — UK
Eosta B.V. — The Netherlands
Era Caribe Agricola and S.R.L. — Dominican Republic
Eurofins Food Testing UK Ltd — UK
Eurofresh Distribution — France
Fair Trade Alliance Kerala — India
Fairtrade Pineapple Group of Thailand — Thailand
Finca Corsicana — Costa Rica
Food Dudes Health Limited — UK
FoodSave — UK
Fresca Group Ltd — UK
Fresh Produce Consortium — UK
Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum — South Africa
Freshpak UK — Rwanda
Freshtime UK Limited — UK
Fruit South Africa — South Africa
Fruitanize Ltd — UK
Fruiteq — West Africa — West Africa
Fruto Del Campo — The Netherlands
G’s Fresh Ltd — UK
G’s Organic — UK
Gesex — Chile
Giuliano SRL — Italy
The Grape Company (Pty) Ltd. — South Africa
Green Marketing International — UK
Greenvale AP — UK
Hortgro — South Africa
Interrupcion Fair Trade — USA
JAG Green Company Ltd — Rwanda
Jupiter Marketing Ltd — UK
Karsten UK Limited — UK
Locus Traxx Worldwide — USA
Lotec Rwanda Ltd — Rwanda
Mack Multiples — UK
Mack Wholesale — UK 
MAFA — Egypt
Mann Packing / Foodservice — USA
Mann Packing / Retail — USA
Marco Limited — UK
Maroc Export — Morocco
Maxwell Chase Technologies LLC — USA
Mixtec Group — USA
Moyca — Spain
National Watermelon Promotion Board — USA
New Covent Garden Market Authority — UK
New Spitalfields Market Tenants’ Association Ltd — UK
New York Apple Association — USA
Northern Greens A/S — Denmark
Oppenheimer (Oppy) — Canada
OrchardWorld Ltd — UK
Paramount Citrus — USA
Pauleys — UK
Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd — Australia
Peru – Mincetur – Ocex  — Peru
Peviani S.P.A. — Italy
PICO Modern Agriculture Company — Egypt
Polymer Logistics — UK
Pom Wonderful — USA
Poupart Citrus Ltd — UK
Poupart Imports Ltd — UK
Poupart Ltd — UK
PrepWorld — UK
Pro Ecuador – Institute for Export & Investment Promotion — Ecuador
Prophet PLC — UK
Reynolds — UK
Richard Hochfeld Ltd — UK
Robinson Fresh — The Netherlands
Savéol — France
Sensitech EMEA BV — The Netherlands
Shavuot Farms — Jamaica
South African Table Grape Industry — South Africa
Stems Fruit — South Africa
Subtrop — South Africa
Sun Orchard Fruit Co. — USA
Sun World International — USA
Sun World International Variety Development Center — USA
SunSelect — Canada
T3 Technologies Inc. — USA 
Tali Grapes — Israel
Tany Nature SA — Spain
Thanet Earth Marketing Ltd — UK
Total Produce — Ireland
Toucan Fruit Ltd — UK
TropiFruits — UK
US Department of Agriculture — UK
Vale da Rosa, Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. — Portugal
VitalBerry BV — UK
Watts Farms Catering Ltd — UK
Westlands — UK
Wild Harvest — UK
Wilmington Farm — Jamaica — UK
Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds — USA
Zari Sparkling Grape Juice — South Africa

Now come to the London event and thank these exhibitors for supporting something new and innovative for the trade. Come to London and associate your firm with the forward-thinking firms that are honoring us with their participation.

Come and do some business, make some money, learn a lot, meet old friends and shake hands with new friends.

You can learn more about the event on the website.

And you can register to attend here.

And don’t forget to combine business with pleasure… we have a great spouse/companion program as well.

See you at the Grosvenor House in London. It’s the beginning of something really great.

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