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Diane Huntsinger-Carson
Fills Craig Carson’s United Seat On Its Board

When Craig Carson passed away in March, we knew from the notes we received what an exceptional man he was. We ran both In Memory Of Craig Carson and Craig Carson’s Life And Passions to include remembrances from Tony Freytag of Crunch Pak, Jim Allen, President of the New York Apple Association and Kevin Moffitt, President & CEO of the Pear Bureau Northwest.

Now, those who didn’t know her are learning what an exceptional woman Craig’s wife is. Even in her grief, she has found the inner strength to carry on with their joint dream, and so she has accepted the offer of United Fresh to assume the seat on United’s board of directors that Craig had held.

As United said in a prepared statement:


Chairman of the Board Emanuel Lazopoulos announced today that Diane Huntsinger-Carson, co-owner of Crunch Pak, LLC, will join the United Fresh Produce Association Board of Directors, filling the seat previously held by her late husband Craig Carson who passed away earlier this year.

“We are delighted to have Diane join the Board,” said Lazopoulos. “She and Craig worked together closely in building Crunch Pak as so many couples do in produce family businesses. We all miss Craig tremendously, but are indeed fortunate to have Diane continue his legacy as a strong advocate for the apple industry, the Pacific Northwest, and the fresh-cut sector on our Board.”

Huntsinger-Carson and her late husband founded Crunch Pak in 2000 with the launch of their fresh-cut sliced apple operation. Her principal interest within the company in recent years had been ensuring a strong commitment to food safety in the rapidly growing produce category of sliced and diced apples. Before forming the fresh-cut company, the family also operated apple, pear and cherry orchards in Washington state, and continues these businesses today.

United’s strength has always been a deep family connection to the industry. In some cases membership and involvement in United and its predecessor organizations has passed down through four, five or more generations. There is something very fitting in United offering Diane Huntsinger-Carson the seat her husband held.

We wish her every good fortune.

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