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Chile At A Political Precipice

When we launched The Global Trade Symposium as a sister event to The New York Produce Show and Conference, we knew for sure who we wanted to get to keynote that event. In the course of her brilliant presentation, Ms. O’Grady expressed doubts about the future for Chile.

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Will Climate-Change Fanaticism Bankrupt The West?

Energy policies in much of the West today resemble a religion, based on faith, rather than any kind of actual cost/benefit analysis. In fact, it reminds one of the policies adopted around COVID, where the desire to be seen as doing something about the pandemic seemed so great that many were simply incapable of looking at the costs of, say, keeping children home from school. But this policy can result in bankrupt farms, stores, restaurants, etc. – And, of course, consumers that have to spend their money on electric and fuel will look to economize elsewhere.

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