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Be More Popular at Cocktail Parties

Many have expressed a desire to really study the Pundit beyond what they can do at work.

A tip of the hat to Frieda Caplan, dean of specialty food trade and inspiration to all women in produce, who asked us to provide a better printing functionality. We had received several other such requests, but what Frieda wants, Frieda gets. I am pleased to announce that function has been up and running for several days.

We needed it because the Pundit is now being used in meetings on every continent, save Antarctica. Plus, many were looking to print out the entire Pundit so they could conveniently read it on an airplane or take it home for further study. One fellow on vacation couldn’t get good wireless reception on the beach so asked for a convenient print version! I’m sure his wife will be simply thrilled with this breakthrough.

You could always print any individual article merely by clicking on the “Print Article” button at the bottom of each piece. We have enhanced that capability by creating a new “printer-friendly” version that will format better and be easier to read.

The new functionality is accessed on the bottom of the front page of every issue of the Pundit. You will now see a line that says: “Perishable Pundit’s Print Friendly Page”. Simply click on that line and print that entire day’s Pundit.

Perfect reading material ready made for that Business Class jaunt across the pond and, with careful study, bound to make you the life of any party.

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