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Advancing Perishable Logistics

For airports to remain competitive in today’s quality- and food-safety-oriented times, they have to offer dedicated perishable facilities. Houston is on track and has announced such a plan:

The new International Air CargoCentre II — an approximately 60,000 square foot perishable cargo handling facility — will be located on-airport in the IAH CargoCenter and offer direct ramp access for cargo airlines as well as importers and distributors of perishable goods. The International Air CargoCentre II will be designed for the import of perishable products, its future tenants will have the Federal Inspection Services Center — a one stop shop housing all federal inspection agencies — located next to the perishables facility.

Logistics has always been a challenge with perishables, and airports have often been enemies as much as friends. Commitments such as this show that it is starting to change.

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