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Additional Peru Aid Outlets

Our coverage of efforts to assist the Peruvian farm workers affected by the earthquake began with a piece entitled, Earthquake In Peru Prompts Appeal For Help To Farm Workers There.

This led to a piece entitled, Pundit’s Mailbag — Tents Needed In Peru. Simultaneously we ran a separate article pointing out efforts by one company to help: Sun-World Launches Peru Earthquake Relief Program.

Additional attention to the issue included Donations To Relieve Peru Are Cause Of Discussion, followed by Pundit’s Mailbag — Report On Peru’s Earthquake Damage and, most recently, Pundit’s Mailbag — Further Support Efforts For Peru’s Earthquake Victims.

In the midst of all this, we also ran Hurricane Dean Wreaks Havoc On Banana-Producing Islands to let people know the state of the industry and plight of the farm workers on these nearby islands. The article also gave opportunities to donate for those so inclined.

Now Nancy Tucker, Vice President, Global Business Development at the Produce Marketing Association sent along three photos, one showing the need and two demonstrating how aid is being given out.

Nancy also sent along complete contact info for three different ways of giving. Caritas is a Catholic relief agency that assists people without regard to religion. ProCitrus and the Peruvian Asparagus and Vegetables Institute are both produce-related organizations that have organized their own relief efforts focused on the plight of farm workers:


Address — Esq.Av.R.Rivera Navarrete
v.Juan de Arona, Lima — Perú
Bank account # — 193-1586951-1-16 (dólares)
Account name — CARITAS DEL PERU

A check drawn on a US bank in US dollars can be sent to:

Caritas del Peru
121 Alhambra Plaza Suite 1200
Coral Gables, FL 33134

If needed, the number of the account to which this should be directed is 201030010003521.

Further requests for financial information can be sent to:

Eduardo Díaz Carvo
Càritas del Perú
Calle Omicrón Nª 492
Tel. 51-1-613-5200, ext. 269
Fax. 51-1-613-5210
Email :

Commodity organizations are also spearheading efforts especially directed at their farm workers. Here is information about donating to the relief efforts of two of these organizations:


PROCITRUS is a non-profit association for the citrus producers of Peru. It has 110 members that account for 98% of the country’s exports. The association works to implement programs to improve the production and marketing of citrus and their associated products.


Swift code of Bank — BCPLPEPL


Bank address — Juan de Arona 893 — San Isidro, Lima — Perú

Beneficiary — Asociación de Productores de Cítricos del Perú — PROCITRUS

Account number — 193-1619143-1-89

Further information can be requested from:

Sergio del Castillo


Nicolas Arriola 314 — of 903, Lima 13 — Perú

T: +(511) 224-9026 / 226-1952 F: +(511) 226-8278


The Peruvian Asparagus and Vegetables Institute is a non-profit civil association formed by asparagus, artichoke, piquillo pepper and paprika producers and exporters. Peru is the first asparagus exporter worldwide in its three presentations (fresh, frozen and canned)

Account number — 194-1182022125


S.W.I.F.T. Address — BCPLPEPL

Account Name — IPEH

Bank Name — Banco de Crédito del Perú

Bank Address — Av Larco 1099 Miraflores Lima Perú

Phone — (511) 3119898

Association — Instituto Peruano del Espàrrago y Hortalizas (Peruvian Asparagus and Vegetables Institute)

Contact person — Beatriz Tubino (manager) , Leylha Rebaza (assistant)

Web site — (sorry it’s only in Spanish… they are in the process of improvement)

Address — Aramburu 166 office 4a Lima 18 Peru

Phone — 00511- 422-2323

Fax — 00511-422-2323

Email —,

Both PMA and the Pundit each pledged $1,000 to kick off industry relief efforts. Much more money has been raised throughout the industry but, of course, the need is still great. Many thanks to all the Pundit readers who have contributed so generously.

Our coverage of the issue was kicked off by Bruce McEvoy of Seald Sweet who sent a public appeal to the trade. Bruce sent another note thanking Nancy for her efforts and warning of complacency as the Earthquake in Peru slips off the front page:

Nancy —

Thank you for your detective work and for providing options for making contributions for humanitarian relief in Peru. We will certainly go ahead with a corporate donation, and I sincerely hope this will spread throughout the industry. As I suspected, the news is now off the front page but the farm worker hardships will continue for many months.

I guess the learning experience to date is how to mobilize industry support for humanitarian aid through simple but factual messages on the needs and options for channeling donations.

Perhaps this is a subject for a special industry meeting.

Thanks for your support.


— E. Bruce McEvoy

Seald Sweet LLC
Vero Beach, Florida

When disasters strike far from home, there is always the temptation to let it be someone else’s problem. But there are people who are sleeping in shelters, eating hot food and drinking clean water tonight, in Peru, because Bruce McEvoy decided to make it his problem.

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