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August 10, 2006

Champion In The Bakery

One of the reasons for maintaining service departments is that it puts real people in the store in contact with the customers. But how many

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Fresh Foods vs. Perishables

The Pundit’s mailbox overflows with nice notes, well wishers, constructive criticism and extravagant presents… Much appreciation to all for taking the time to help launch

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Lieberman And Lobbying

The defeat of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary tells us a number of things. That the bi-partisan post-9/11 consensus on the war

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Live Long And Keep Praying

As all the food groups jostle for position as the healthiest of all, it is interesting to hear what centenarians credit for their longevity. In

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Kudos To Costco And U.S. Beef

Although surveys indicate significant concern regarding the safety of U.S. beef following its reintroduction to Japan, Japanese consumers snapped up the five metric tons of

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