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NRA Food Safety Round-up

What role the National Restaurant Association would play in produce industry food safety efforts has been an important focus of our coverage:

NRA Forms Produce Safety Working Group kicked off our coverage over four months ago, and we discussed NRA’s plans regarding produce safety.

National Restaurant Association Soon To Unveil Its Own Food Safety Plan was a substantial interview with an NRA executive who had previously worked at United. It was this piece that raised many concerns regarding what the NRA was planning.

An Open Letter To The Board Of Directors Of The National Restaurant Association came next, where we urged NRA to work with the produce industry to achieve food safety.

Second Appeal to NRA followed, and we pointed out that the produce industry welcomes the input of NRA’s scientists and those of its members.

NRA Stands Defiant was another piece where we pointed to the fact that NRA is in between permanent CEOs as a possible cause for this uncomfortable situation.

We then published Calling All Produce Executives Who Work Heavily With Foodservice, in which we asked produce executives to reach out to NRA.

This was followed by What Is Wal-Mart’s Role In The New NRA Food Safety Standards, in which we analyzed how the world’s largest retailer may wind up being behind the restaurant association’s standards.

We also published NRA’s Peter Kilgore Speaks Out, which included the verbatim publication of a letter from NRA’s Acting Interim President and CEO.

Pundit’s Mailbag — Reaction To NRA’s Reaction included a letter from a food safety consultant questioning the approach taken by NRA’s acting interim President in his letter to the Pundit.

NRA’s Food Safety Plan Still Looms In Mystery raised the issue of whether NRA’s focus on produce suppliers wasn’t misplaced in light of the serious food safety problems that arise in restaurant operations.

Pundit’s Mailbag — NRA And Liability dealt with how liability for food safety can affect individual restaurants.

NRA Adopts Leafy Green GAP Metrics gave the comeuppance of the NRA Food Safety Conference in Monterey, California, and explained the ultimate decision of NRA to endorse the California Marketing Agreement.

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