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The Jacob Javits Center’s Rooftop Farm
Movie Highlights

We ran a piece titled, Up On The Roof: An Urban Farm Right Above The New York Produce Show And Conference, which highlighted the fact that The New York Produce Show and Conference, though in the middle of New York City, was now actually taking place right under a farm!

We made a little video to show case what was going on “Up on the Roof”:

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the New York show this year.

It was an incredible reunion for the industry.

This year, the show date is December 1, 2022, and the various workshops, seminars and tours run from November 29 – December 2, 2022.

And with capacity limits hopefully lifted, we hope to provide a rooftop tour for all who want to see the urban farm!

If you would like to be put on the list for information regarding attending the New York show later this year, please let us know here.

If you would like to explore opportunities to exhibit or sponsor, please advise us at this link.

And, of course, please consider extending the learning- and commerce-seeking by attending The London Produce Show and Conference. You can request attendee information here and information on exhibiting and sponsoring right here.

Let us all make 2022 a year “Up on the Rooftop”!!!

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