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Words of Appreciation

With this entry, the Pundit prepares to jet back to the States with a brief stop in London, and as he climbs on the plane it is with the sweet satisfaction that we have concluded the fifth week of publication.

We visited distant Africa and gained new insight and new friends while maintaining a growing readership back home. We have successfully ignited the industry on numerous debates: Character licensing and childhood obesity, the nature of leadership, the future of agricultural marketing co-ops and the very nature of retail departmental organization, among others.

We’ve also been picked up by countless newspapers and magazines, including the Parenting Columnist for the Washington Post, and a piece from the Associated Press that has run in hundreds of media outlets.

Through these five weeks, we have developed a unique blend as the industry’s only true daily format to give immediacy with the position as the trade’s only interactive forum to discuss pertinent issues. We have opened horizons to allow our readers to benefit from thinking outside the box of specific disciplines and found meaning for our trade in disparate events.

We have shared sadness, found humor in the mundane of our lives and challenged the very way we think, and we pledge to do much more.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. Please remain engaged, and keep the communication flowing. It is the collective wisdom of the people in the business that is the wellspring of our success.

Have a nice weekend and I’ll write from London.

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