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Who Knew There Was A Tortilla Association?

As if to provide proof that there is an association for every industry under the sun, into my mail box arrives word that the Tortilla Industry will be holding its 17th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in Las Vegas, NV, from September 15 to the 17th.

If you attend, you will acquire the latest knowledge of concerns in the tortilla production world. Things such as:

“The Latest Wrap about Kosher Tortillas”

“What You Need to Know About Allergens in the Production of Tortillas”

“Super Tortillas — New Ingredients/Innovative Products”

It really looks like a first class event with research due to be unveiled and a small trade show along with the conference and networking events.

With the Latino market booming, and products such as tortillas already having crossed over into the mainstream with the popularity of wraps, plus the trend in retail to set up in-store tortilla production lines as a theatre element, this event might be valuable for many who haven’t thought about it. You can get more information right here.

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