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Where To Eat When It’s Too Late For Dinner And Too Early For Breakfast

Our piece Inaugural New York Produce Show And Conference Exceeds All Expectations; Provides Forum For Business, Education, Service and Networking EPC and PRODUCE BUSINESS Vow Even Better Event In 2011 discussed how having trepidations in business can be a positive thing as it keeps one striving to do better and better. Our explanations about the sleepless nights that led to planning The New York Produce Show and Conference brought a few kind words, including these:

I am very happy for you that The New York Produce Show and Conference was such a success! I did not doubt that it would be, but I can understand the apprehension involved in launching a new event… I hope that my wife Annie and I can attend next year.

— Gene Harris
Senior Purchasing Manager
Denny’s Corp.
Spartanburg, South Carolina

— PS I heard from a very reliable source, that you ate at one of my favorite eating establishments on Thanksgiving….. I hope it was great!

Yes, we had a late Thanksgiving and so were looking for a brunch place with the kids and Denny’s is a big favorite — and it was one of the few places open!

Jr. Pundit Primo, aka William, has had a soft spot for Denny’s ever since as a two-year-old he broke his foot and it was very late in the night by the time we got back from the hospital with his new cast. He was starving and so we stopped at Denny’s.

He asked what he could have since he wasn’t sure if it was dinner or breakfast, and the Pundit authorized him to have anything he wanted. He ordered eggs and French toast and pancakes, chicken fingers and an ice cream. He ate only a little but enjoyed having carte blanche for the first time in his life. To him, Denny’s will always be a place of incredible indulgence.

Many thanks to Gene for his note.

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