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What To Do In NYC When Your Spouse Is Working

If you are coming to New York for The New York Produce Show and Conference, there is no reason to come alone. And if you are coming with a significant other, there is no reason they need to be alone in New York while you are busy on the trade show floor or at a micro-session.

Thanks to the generous support of Goodness Gardens, we are proud to offer a wonderful spouse/companion program.

This year the highlight will be a visit to Ground Zero and the brand new 9/11 Memorial and Museum. We’ve secured a limited supply of these hard-to-get tickets and have a luxury motorcoach with a driver and private guide taking us down. It is part of an overall tour of Manhattan in which everyone can stick together or go off on their own.

There also is a shopping tour of the top retail spots in NYC, including world famous Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany’s.

And, not to be missed, High-Tea at the famed Plaza Hotel.

Then back in the hotel there is a lovely gift bag for each participant and the “suite in the sky” where makeup artists do a makeover and masseuses wring the tension from a long day.

Then there is the food and the champagne and the friendships that develop as everyone gets to know each other.

Mrs. Pundit personally designs this program, and it was a big winner last year. Some of the participants who met last year are still friends a year later. It is a way to experience the best of New York safely and with friends.

If you would like to sign up or need more information on spouse program just let us know here.

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