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Wall Street Journal Piece Gets Accolade From Abroad

Our piece Pundit Makes WSJ Op-Ed Page was marred by a technical difficulty that, for half the day, kept people from accessing the link to the full article.

The piece dealt with editorial integrity, the necessity for personal responsibility and a willingness to sacrifice to maintain one’s integrity — lessons for any industry.

We continued to receive nice notes on the piece, including this one that made a great literary analogy:

I just read your article, The Roots of Editorial ‘Independence’ in The Wall Street Journal on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Delhi.

Great piece! I kept thinking as I read it, of one line from the ancient “Book of the Samurai”:

“The Samurai willing to die is stronger than 10 opponents.”

— Thomas Reardon
Professor, Agricultural Economics
Michigan State University
Co-Director IFPRI/MSU Joint Program ‘Markets in Asia’

We thank Tom for his strong imagery and apologize for the malfunctioning link. We have fixed it now and you can access the whole article right here.

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