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United Fresh Offers
Crisis Training Course

If you read about the Peri & Sons Farms situation in horror, and break out in a cold sweat knowing your own organization isn’t properly prepared to deal with a recall or other crisis that requires dealing with the media, then, quick, call United Fresh.

The association is offering Training for a Recall, Communicating Under Fire:

The United Fresh Research & Education Foundation is offering a new, hands-on educational course, “Training for Recall, Communicating Under Fire.” This two-day training program will focus on helping you understand the fundamentals of a product recall, including your rights and responsibilities, the role of the FDA, how to limit your liability and manage customer expectations. In addition, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to build a customized communication plan in the event of a recall, and how to effectively communicate to the industry, customers, consumers and the media.

At the very least your produce recall team should include management, technical staff and your marketing/communications staff. If a product recall is not properly handled by your entire recall team, it can quickly turn into a crisis situation. This course is designed for everyone on your produce recall team. It will combine recall protocols and communication management principles to ensure that both your technical food safety staff and communication and marketing staff know how to work together effectively and efficiently in a product recall situation.

In addition to the two-day training course, United Fresh is offering a customized media training session. This media training course prepares you for the stresses of a real-life interview, so you know what to expect when it really happens. Our communication experts will teach you how to deliver your messages while being aggressively interviewed under the heat of the camera lights. Take what you learn and apply it to phone interviews, radio interviews and other crisis communication situations.

This kind of training should be part of every company’s food safety program. You can get more information right here.

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