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Triumph For United…And The
Industry At Large

When United Fresh announced that it was going to offer a new Executive Development Program in partnership with Cornell University, the Pundit was supportive but concerned:

The Pundit wishes United every good fortune. No produce industry function has ever succeeded in selling itself for this price. If it succeeds it will, without a doubt, be a symbol that the produce industry has reached a new level of sophistication.

Now comes word that the program is completely sold out. This is great news for United and gives testimony to the fact that this isn’t your father’s produce industry.

A willingness to invest time and money on this scale toward executive education wouldn’t have existed just a few years ago.

It bodes well for the future of the trade and of United.

Now it is up to Professor Ed McLaughlin and his team at Cornell to deliver the kind of program that will keep selling out year after year. We have no doubt the good professor will come through with flying colors.

They are taking wait list names here.

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