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Tour Of Long Island Retailers At New York Produce Show And Conference Provide A Glimpse Of The Competitiveness In The Suburbs

New this year at The New York Produce Show and Conference is a Long Island Retail Tour. The Pundit was mostly reared on Long Island and it is an interesting place to learn about retailing to large suburban areas.

We go from Giunta’s Meat Farm to Stop & Shop, from Shoprite to Waldbaums, from Fairway to Kings.

With a population of almost eight million people, Long Island is the most populous Island in the US.  The suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk were protypical of post-World War II development, including the world famous Levittown.

The Manhattan retailers are very different, but it is retailers in places such as Long Island that are the workhorses of the industry, selling massive amounts of produce to an ethnically diverse population.

If you haven’t seen Long Island retailing, you are missing out on understanding one of the largest markets in the US.

If you would like to know more about this powerhouse of a market, sign up for the Long Island retail tour right here.

The whole New York Produce Show and Conference can be signed up for right here.

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