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Tim Vaux To Leave DuPont

Timothy R. Vaux is a man whose impact on the produce industry is wildly underestimated. He has been the advocate for the produce trade at DuPont and since 1995 he has represented DuPont as sole sponsor of the Produce Industry Leadership Program in its relations with United, which has managed the program.

The program has been responsible not only for training a generation of leadership in the produce industry but, also, for establishing the basis for young leaders to get used to association work and develop an affinity for United at a formative stage in their careers.

Nobody but Tom Stenzel, President and CEO of United Fresh, has a stronger claim than Tim Vaux as a crucial contributor to United’s resurgence in recent years.

Now, after 27 years with DuPont, Tim’s position is being eliminated.

No word yet on who will pick up on his duties or what might happen to DuPont’s funding of the Leadership Program.

Tim is vibrant, experienced and well liked. Some California-based produce company with a senior level position available would do well to find him a place. He certainly has a network of industry leaders in his rolodex, every one of whom is in his debt.

As is a whole industry.

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