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Tim Vaux Starts New Venture

When Tim Vaux left DuPont, he was in a reflective mood. His many friends from his years of involvement with United’s Produce Industry Leadership Program have waited anxiously to see what Tim would decide to do professionally in the future. Tim now sends word:

After some long discussions (some with myself and many with others), I have decided to “hang out my shingle” and make The Vaux Group more than just a name.

My official website is up and running at

I can be a resource for produce businesses, small and large, as an independent set of eyes and ears and as a member of their project teams. For small companies without a lot of in-house capabilities, I can act as a project leader. For large businesses who have in-house resources, I can act as a “devil’s advocate”.

I am open to discussing any project or resource needs you may have. I’m proud to continue as a Board member of the United Fresh Produce Association and look forward to seeing many of my industry friends in September at the Washington Public Policy Conference.

— Tim Vaux
The Vaux Group

We wish Tim every good fortune in his new venture.

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