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Three Notes

I decided to declare this day almost free of spinach, carrot juice and all diseases and illnesses — although we continue to run our reference pieces at the end for those researching the subject.

Apologies to those who tried to log in yesterday during a few hours when servers were down. Despite redundancies in our systems, we had a “technical difficulty”, which has been resolved.

We’ve received a lot of questions about how to link to our articles. Note that every single article has a “link” button at the bottom. If you click on that button, the article opens in a new window and has a new URL at top. This is a permanent link. Simply copy and paste it into your document or the hyperlinking function in your program. This will always bring the reader back to the exact article you want them to see. If you link to our home page (, you will come to whatever content is on that page the day it is being viewed.

Thanks to everyone for being part of the Perishable Pundit community.

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