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Theresa Lowden Receives First Annual EPC Woman Of Distinction Award

Each year at The New York Produce Show and Conference, we begin something new. This year the Eastern Produce Council established a Women’s Leadership Committee and in conjunction with that we have established a Women’s Leadership Reception, which will take place adjacent to the trade show on Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 3:30 PM.

In conjunction with the reception, PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine will commence an annual tradition of presenting an award to a woman who has exemplified the qualities of leadership that can both inspire other women and lead to a more successful industry.

For this, our inaugural award, there was little question that the award should go to Theresa Lowden, Executive Vice President at JOH.

Specifically, the award is being presented for Theresa’s efforts to launch the Women’s Leadership Committee for the Eastern Produce Council. More generally, the award is being presented for almost two decades of tireless work, including a not-insignificant amount of work helping us launch The New York Produce Show and Conference.

Paul Kneeland, President of the Eastern Produce Council, will say a few words. This Pundit, acting on behalf of PRODUCE BUSINESS, will present the award, and Theresa will have an opportunity to tell us about her journey as a woman in the produce industry.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to Theresa.

Although free, this event is a By Invitation Only limited capacity event. If you would like an invitation, please let us know here

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