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The American Bubble

Growing up on the Hunts Point Market and being in daily touch with producers in rural areas around the country, we’ve always thought ourselves incredibly lucky to be connected with a diverse cross-section of Americans. We often have been amazed at how detached the coastal “elites” can be from the great mass of the country.

When we saw the sketch with David Chappelle and Chris Rock, “Election Night in America,” we were reminded that, every once in a while, Saturday Night Live catches a perfect tone.

Watch here:


And who knew that produce would even get a mention:

Aidy Bryant: What about undocumented immigrants?

Dave Chappelle:  Ahh… they’re not going nowhere. Come on…You act like everybody trying to pick their own strawberries.

Political Scientist Charles Murray is one of the most important social commentators of our time. In 2012 he published a book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960 — 2010, which focused on whites to avoid any thought that the trends he describes are racially driven.

The gist of the book: that Americans, for many reasons — such as the tendency of well-educated high IQ women to marry well-educated high IQ men — are finding the country bifurcating into a New Upper Class and a New Lower Class. And these two classes differ from each other in powerful ways beyond income — including how they think about America.

Here is an interesting on-line survey that will let you know to what degree you live in a bubble:

Do you live in a bubble? A quiz

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