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Thanking Members Of The Pundit Team, James Elmer and Mira Slott

This year is a special PMA for all of us here at the Pundit. Twenty-Five years ago, at the 1985 PMA Convention and Exposition in San Francisco, we launched Pundit sister publication, PRODUCE BUSINESS.

It is from the launch of PRODUCE BUSINESS that everything else has flowed, including the Perishable Pundit,, The New York Produce Show and Conference, plus other activities, such as DELI BUSINESS, CHEESE CONNOISSEUR, which is our first consumer publication, AMERICAN FOOD AND AG EXPORTER, speaking and lecturing on every continent save Antarctica — and much more.

Each anniversary issue, we always put in a special note to thank the PRODUCE BUSINESS staff. Well here I wanted to say a special thank you to two members of the team, who are really integral to the success of the Pundit.

James Elmer, who we have referenced as the Pundit’s aide-de-camp because job descriptions simply are inadequate to measure his contribution, has been with us for 4 years. Although he has worked on all our projects, his keen research abilities and cheerful acceptance of impossible deadlines has made him invaluable.

Mira Slott is our editorial counter-ego, helping us think through approaches to issues affecting the industry large and small. She has been with us 10 years and is a precious jewel, an intellectual filament that helps us illuminate the world.

This Pundit owes both of them very much. They will both be at PMA, and if you enjoy the Pundit please give them a hat tip.

Come meet James, Mira and the whole PRODUCE BUSINESS team at booth number 3463. We are all staying at the Peabody. And we all would be happy to spend time with friends old and new while we celebrate together our Silver Anniversary.

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