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Tesco’s Fresh & Easy Promoting Its Pricing In A Big Way

A hat tip to Chris Puentes, President at Interfresh, Inc., for sending us this photo of a truck parked in front of the Fresh & Easy store a block away from his office. It demonstrates the lengths Tesco’s Fresh & Easy is going to communicate its positioning as a low price leader:

Chris has been busy lately. First he sent out a notice that Interfresh had hired Doug Stewart in Los Angeles. Although the cover story was that he would help with new business development for fresh citrus — he had previously worked with Pro Citrus Network — we suspect the deal included much needed work on Chris’ golf game — as Doug had been a golf pro for two years and a golf teaching instructor at the Visalia Country Club.

Chris Puentes
Doug Stewart

Then, Interfresh announced a “strategic alliance” with Naturipe Farms:

…Interfresh will work to expand distribution of Naturipe Farms’ complete line of fresh berries into areas where Naturipe Farms has identified growth opportunities. “As our grower base continues to expand their production due to new acreage and maturation of the existing plantings, alliances with strategic wholesalers such as Interfresh, create an opportunity for expansion into new markets,” said Robert Verloop, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

So busy with forays into citrus and berries, Chris is especially appreciated for taking time to be a Perishable Pundit cub photographer.

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