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Tesco Values Award Goes To
Grant J. Hunt Co./Orchard View Farms

We’ve given extensive coverage to Tesco’s decision to open stores in America.

Of course the opening of a major retailer in the U.S. is a rare event and has set off a desperate drive by suppliers to find a way in as a supplier.

Of course it is not really a fair fight. Some major suppliers are being brought over from the United Kingdom while still others already have an “in” because they are “family,” having been supplying Tesco in the U.K. for many years.

Now, an American venture has been awarded one of Tesco’s most prestigious awards:


During Tesco’s annual cherry review meeting, Orchard View Farms was recognized for their “Overall Commitment to Tesco business”. Grant J. Hunt Company is the exclusive sales and marketing company for Orchard View Farms.

The Tesco Value Awards are given to companies who recognize and help support Tesco’s core values, including:

— No one tries harder for customers
— Understand customers better than anyone
— Be energetic, be innovative and be first for customers
— Look after our people so they can look after our customers

Orchard View Farms, The Dalles, Oregon, has been recognized nationally and internationally for their innovations as orchardists and as a packer/shipper. They use ozonated water vs. the industry standard of chlorine and have found the use of ozone has been of great value to help conserve water. A side benefit is ozonated water also means greener stems.

Recently, Orchard View Farms, Inc, once again received the Food Alliance’s Certification Seal. As a Food Alliance certified producer, Orchard View Farms received this certification because they are working to leave the land healthy and productive for future generations. The Baileys, who own Orchard View Farms, and their workers were recognized for dedicating themselves to environmentally and socially responsible agricultural practices for cherries and pears.

Visit the websites for both Grant J. Hunt Company and Orchard View Farms.

This is a very prestigious award. Normally it is delivered before an audience of hundreds of Tesco’s top suppliers but cherries are such a special category they actually have a separate meeting just for cherries.

Tesco doesn’t publish lists of who has won it before but very few produce companies, in the U.K. or elsewhere, have ever won it before.

In fact this company claims it is the first produce supplier ever to win the award.

Grant M. Hunt, currently president of the Grant J. Hunt Company, is a former Chairman of the Produce Marketing Association. His father, Jim Hunt, was also Chairman of PMA. That this relatively small company should be a source of such industry leadership tells you something is really special there. Obviously Tesco thinks so as well.

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