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Tesco Teases With Video Of New Store

Here is a little one-minute video that Tesco released to get some buzz going among consumers before the launch of its Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market concept. Difficult to say much definitively from a little clip, but these things stand out:

  • Products they choose to emphasize in the video, such as Gelato and Atlantic Salmon, seem decidedly upscale — too upscale for many of the locations.
  • The prepared foods offerings look very similar to what you see in the U.K. with similar packaging.
  • An awful lot of the produce looks covered in plastic — uncertain how this will go over. Not the typical presentation Americans are used to.
  • A lot of emphasis on how great they are — good neighbor — great place to work — no trans fat, etc. — Pundit’s Mom taught him you can break your arm patting yourself on the back. If they really are a great place to work, word will get around really fast — if not, all the signs in the world won’t help.
  • Biggest problem — store doesn’t look fresh. Too much stuff behind glass doors, too many grocery items, too much stuff in plastic wrap or trays. Décor lacks the visual cues that mean warmth and freshness to Americans — wood floors, cascading waterfall displays into bushel baskets. It comes across like an overgrow gas station mini-mart.

Here is the video:

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