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Sun-World Launches Peru Earthquake Relief Program

Our pieces both yesterday and today have focused on a need for aid to Peru. Now Sun World send a release about its program to provide continuing resources to assist in Peru:

Sun-World Responds to Peru Earthquake Victims

With agriculture ties to Peru’s ICA region, Sun-World is responding to international requests to help Peru’s ravaged victims of last week’s devastating earthquake. The Company has established a sales-based recovery initiative. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Peruvian Minneolas will go directly to those in Peru that need it most.

“We are deeply saddened by the devastation of this earthquake which has affected many of our friends and trading partners, as well as, countless numbers of lives. Sun-World is assisting in a campaign that will help the victims of this disaster rebuild their lives and businesses.” states Mike Aiton, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The earthquake affected the areas of Ica, Pisco and Chincha (roughly 160 miles south of Lima), which are known as rich agricultural regions, producing grapes, asparagus, citrus and a variety of other items. In helping with the reconstruction of this area, Sun-World has taken the unique step of donating $25, on behalf of the purchaser, for every pallet of Peruvian Minneolas sold.

“This is an emerging agriculture area representing a significant economic loss to the livelihood of many people. We feel a responsibility in assisting in the reconstruction efforts,” quotes Bruce Burton, President of Sun-World.

Dating from the occurrence of the earthquake; August 15, 2007, through the end of the season, retailers and other buyers will automatically participate with the earthquake recovery efforts with each purchase of Peruvian Minneolas. Sun-World will contribute $25 per pallet of Minneolas, and acknowledge those buyers, in upcoming trade publications.

Additionally, point-of-sale cards are available to stimulate consumer sales of this high quality citrus. At the conclusion of the Ica Earthquake Recovery initiative, a representative from Sun-World will present the check to the Peruvian Minister of Agriculture, to be used in those areas of highest need.

Consumers can also play a role with their purchases of Peruvian Minneolas and follow the progress of this campaign by clicking on the Sun-World website,, where they will find more information.

Sun-World, a leader in proprietary breeding programs, has partnerships with several Peruvian growers. A year into the relationship, the company currently imports minneolas, grapes and has plans for other items in the near future.

Sun-World is devoting this page of its web site to its Peru aid project and including links where consumers can donate funds.

Sun World also sent along this video from CNN detailing the suffering in Peru.

What is nice about this initiative is that it will provide some funds after the immediate crisis is passed and when the world’s attention is on to other problems. In addition, because the funds are going to go through the agriculture ministry, they should help our US trading partners and their employees.

Kudos to Sun-World for putting a thoughtful program together so quickly.

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