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SIAL Representation

Although the Pundit has to miss SIAL this year due to the timing conflict with PMA, some of the Pundit’s sister publications will be represented. Mark Gold will represent AMERICAN FOOD AND AG EXPORTER, and Lee Smith, who is traveling with the Cheese Importers Association of America, will represent DELI BUSINESS.

If you are in Paris and would like to touch base, please stop by our booths: # 3D122 at the NASFT Pavilion within the USA Pavilion, or at SIAL International Press Stand #5b X192 . It is a big show so if you want to be certain about setting up an appointment, just e-mail the Pundit here and we’ll try to arrange it for you.

And if you haven’t booked yourself yet, a last minute jaunt to Paris to see SIAL is exposure to a whole world of the food industry. Highly recommended to broaden one’s perspective.

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