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SIAL Innovations

Over at SIAL in Paris, Mark Gold, Publisher of the Pundit’s sister magazine, AMERICAN FOOD AND AG EXPORTER, sends word of an interesting approach to promotion on a trade show floor:

The California Show Kitchen, featuring dishes prepared with California’s bounty

Pavilion visitors will have more than one opportunity to experience firsthand the quality and versatility of California food products. They can attend culinary demonstrations and tastings staged in the pavilion at the California Show Kitchen on booth # 3C142. Renowned Chef Daniel Isberg, private chef to the entertainment industry based in Beverly Hills, California, will create original dishes from the food products exhibited by the 12 California Market Sponsors (California Agricultural Export Council, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, California Medjool Date Commission, California Olive Oil Council, US Cranberry Marketing Committee, Jewel Fruit COOP, Meridian Nut Growers, California Olive Ranch, California Magazine, Noberasco Company, United Airlines and Viking Europe).

Visitors can also order special dishes being offered at the nearby Cellier Restaurant, whose chef will be incorporating products sampled each day on the pavilion.

So often we focus on selling our products and forget that they are often only useful to consumers when turned into meals.

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