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Serving The Future Of The Industry And Honoring Joe Nucci

It is fitting to take a moment to say thank you to the big-hearted folks who we are honored to have as readers of the Pundit.

On the very last day of registration for the PMA Foodservice Conference, we ran a piece entitled Lots To Learn From Foodservice, recommending people register for the event and especially urging people to sign up and play golf at the charity golf tournament used to raise funds for the Nucci Scholarship For Culinary Innovation.

Almost immediately Pundit readers stood up to be counted and we signed up an additional 35 golfers, sold several additional sponsorships and even had numerous people just send in donations.

As a result, the golf tournament was a resounding success, enabling the program to cover unexpectedly high airfares this year for the students and put a little bit aside for next year.

Thanks to everyone for helping to serve the industry and honor Joe’s name.

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