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Seeking An Executive Director For The Center For Produce Safety

Many historians believe that the success of the American republic can be traced back to the unique characteristics of George Washington. His decision to retire back to Mount Vernon after two terms set a precedent for the peaceful and regular transition of power that characterizes our nation.

If tyranny is not our concern, the personal characteristics of the first Executive Director for the newly established Center for Produce Safety — whose launch we dealt with here — will also establish the patterns likely to determine if we are to have a great new industry institution.

It is a crucial position and UC Davis has just posted the job description for the CPS Executive Director, which it can be found here.

We urge Pundit readers to think hard about who they could urge to apply for this position. Many millions of industry dollars are being spent here, the future of our products may be decided here, and the credibility of industry efforts on food safety are likely to rest on the shoulders of the person selected for this position.

It is a chance to make a real difference. Do you know someone appropriate for such an opportunity? Speak up now. Applications are due by August 13, 2007.

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