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Scholarships Offered To Attend
PMA Leadership Symposium In 2008

Come January 2008 PMA, Cornell University and PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine will partner to present a very special event:

This year’s PMA Leadership Symposium will offer you rare insight on how to harness the innovative strategist, marketer and business leader within you and your employees, not just to respond to today’s unprecedented changes in the marketplace, but to lead the way toward even greater growth and profitability. You and your colleagues will meet and hear from some of the leading minds in business today, learning the kinds of real, breakthrough strategies and solutions that can help you find Inspiration for Your Next Big Idea.

This year, in order to encourage the participation of a diverse assortment of industry leadership in the program, PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine has partnered with Grimmway Farms and Mann Packing to make a special scholarship opportunity available for four fortunate industry executives, two each from the retail operator and the foodservice operator end of the industry.

The scholarship is all-expenses-paid, and this program will ensure that the PMA Leadership Symposium will draw on the intellectual capital of all segments of the trade.

If you work for a retail or foodservice operator, or know someone who does, this is an opportunity to attend a program that will take attendees out of the box of “industry thinking” that we often find ourselves trapped in.

And for two lucky retail operators and two lucky foodservice operators, it will only cost the intellectual commitment to make oneself a leader.

You can nominate yourself, a team member or a business associate right here.

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