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Registration Is Open!
The London Produce Show And Conference
3-5 June, 2015

In June of 2014, a new industry institution was born: The London Produce Show and Conference. Presented by the FRESH PRODUCE CONSORTIUM and PRODUCE BUSINESS, the Pundit sister publication, the event was a stirring success with exhibitors from 41 countries and attendees from 46 countries. 

Located in the iconic city of London, The London Produce Show and Conference built on the legacy and success of its sister show, The New York Produce Show and Conference, as a global gathering in a great iconic city. As the great standard-setting center of the produce universe, the unique elements of the UK combine with intellectual capital from around the world to create a unique forum for commerce, intellectual exchange and relationship-development.

To get a sense of this extraordinary event, check out this round-up video:

We’ve opened registration for the 2015 event, so please take a look at the show website here.

You can register at this link, and you can book a discounted hotel room at the headquarters hotel where the networking is best right here.

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring an event at The London Produce Show and Conference 2015, please let us know here.

We look forward to seeing you in London!


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