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Ready Pac Has New Sales Team

Looks as if Ready Pac isn’t letting the money raised in its recently announced deal with Bayside Capital burn a hole in its pocket:


California-based Ready Pac Foods, a premier producer of convenience fresh foods, including fresh-cut produce, announces the hiring of several senior sales professionals and reorganization.

Robert Spence will be joining the company as Division Vice President, Retail Sales and will be responsible for development of Ready Pac’s business in multiple Central and Western U.S. markets. Robert left Ready Pac two years ago to join Pacific Tomato Growers as Vice President Business Development. Robert also serves on the UFPA Marketing Committee, PMA RFID Committee as Chairman and PBH Marketing Committee as Chairman.

Tip Murphy will be joining the company as Division Vice President, Retail Sales and will be responsible for development of Ready Pac’s business in East Central and North East markets. Tip is a long time industry professional who spent 13 years with Chiquita and most recently Paganini Foods. Tip has served on many industry boards and currently is a member of the PMA Board of Directors.

Scott Harrington will be joining Ready Pac as Vice President, Business Development with a focus on new channel development and key customers in the Southwest. Scott also spent several years with Ready Pac from 1991 to 2000, in the Foodservice, Military Sales and Retail segments. Most recently Scott was Western Region Sales Director for Monterey Mushroom. Scott also has a strong history of industry service having been involved with UFPA, ALA/Southern California for DeCa and the Fresh Produce and Floral Council of Southern California.

Alan Ediger, currently Western Sales Vice President and Steve Bonaro, currently Eastern Sales Vice President for Ready Pac, will continue in their roles with a more focused geography.

These new senior sales professionals will report directly to Mike Celani, Senior Vice President Retail Sales and Marketing.

In addition, Tammy Gainey and Brian Orr will be joining the company. Both will hold the position of National Account Director. Gainey will be located in Bentonville, Arkansas and report to Robert Spence. Orr will be located in Pleasanton, California and report to Alan Ediger.

Celani stated, “Ready Pac has a very ambitious growth strategy and I am extremely excited to have talent and experience of this level joining the Ready Pac team. Bringing aboard people with proven track records and a clear dedication to the industry, speaks volumes about Ready Pac’s commitment to being a customer-centric, innovation driven supplier.”

It seems like just yesterday we were announcing that Tip Murphy had joined Paganini. With 13 years at Chiquita, Tip is not the type to move around. So the opportunity at Ready Pac must have been pretty good.

Congratulations to Ready Pac and its new team. Money and talent combined can go a long way. Let us see where it takes these folks and Ready Pac.

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